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Everyone makes mistakes in life, though some of those mistakes are worse than others. Each year in Illinois, thousands of people make the exact same mistake: driving under the influence. With so many automobile accidents and deaths connected to drunk driving each year, the state is extremely strict on DUI charges. From almost immediate license suspension, time behind bars, and heavy fees and consequences, the justice system enacts swift punishment in an attempt to prevent repeat DUI convictions. 

Because of the deaths and injuries, and general danger for anyone on the road, related to drunk driving, oftentimes drivers are punished much too harshly, or even without cause. If you've been arrested for a DUI in Algonquin, Illinois, call DUI Lawyers 24/7 to speak to an attorney with extensive experience in DUI and criminal defense court. 

What do I do if I've Been Pulled Over for a DUI?

If you've been pulled over by law enforcement in Illinois, you should give your license, registration, and proof of insurance when requested, and then invoke your right to stay silent immediately. You must comply with all lawful orders, but you do not have to speak and should choose not to. Offering up information accidentally can turn a difficult time into an impossible one, very quickly. 

You will be asked to submit to a breathalyzer and maybe even field sobriety testing. These tests are both less than 80% accurate, so you can refuse to consent to them. If you refuse to consent, however, you will be arrested immediately and later be required to submit to chemical testing after you are booked. You will also have your license immediately suspended. If you take these tests and fail, you will also be arrested immediately and charged with a DUI. If you pass these tests, you will hopefully be free to go, though you may be charged with other misdemeanor charges, such as reckless driving or speeding, etc. 

If you are being pulled over and given criminal charges, try to remember everything you can during your questioning and subsequent arrest. From the names and badge numbers of the police officers to any possible witnesses or cameras nearby. Every detail can be vital in clearing your criminal records. 

Algonquin DUI Lawyer

What Happens After the Initial DUI Arrest? 

After your arrest, you will be booked and held normally overnight, and released on your own recognizance in the morning if this is your first DUI charge. You will be required to attend an arraignment hearing, then a pre-trial hearing, and then a trial. You may be offered a plea deal during this time, or you may choose to plead guilty. Depending on your blood alcohol test results and other evidence, the prosecutor's office may not even choose to press charges if they do not feel as though the case against you is strong enough. If you are found guilty, you will then be required to attend a sentencing hearing. 

At your sentencing hearing, you can be sentenced to all manner of various punishments. From community service, required AA meetings, jail time, to extensive fines, being convicted of a DUI, even on your first offense, is not pretty. You will also be told during your sentencing how much the court has decided your reparations may be.

While you may not owe any, in cases where there were factors such as an auto accident, personal injury, or death, you will be required to pay reparations to the victims of your actions. This is why an aggressive defense is paramount. While there are various different criminal defense strategies, no by-the-book strategy will ever be as good as defense representation tailoring a personalized defense to you and your case. 

With an experienced attorney by your side leading your civil defense, receiving a more attractive plea offer, or being let off the hook entirely is much more likely. In most cases, you will be able to sit back and allow your lawyer to handle getting you into more favorable outcomes. This is why it's important to choose a criminal defense lawyer you can trust, that is experienced in DUI's. 

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Build a Strong Defense With an Algonquin DUI Lawyer

Everyone makes mistakes, and one mistake shouldn't be the end of your time on the road. If you're ready to get back behind the wheel, it's time to hire a criminal defense attorney you can trust. As a law firm that specializes in DUI cases and whose lawyers have combined decades of experience representing Illinois drivers, DUI Lawyers 24/7 is here for you. Call 847-999-7616 today for a free initial consultation with a McHenry County DUI lawyer to help get your wheels back on the road. 

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