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If you've been charged with a DUI, especially a first time DUI, you may be left with dozens of questions after your release. How am I going to afford this? What am I going to do? Am I going to jail? From losing your license to time behind bars, the dozens of possible sentences can leave defendants confused, uneasy, and scared. With all the conflicting information available online, it can be difficult to find information relevant to the details of your case and can take hours upon hours.

Whatever your questions, the knowledgeable attorneys at DUI Lawyers 24/7 are here for you, no matter when or where you need us. As a criminal defense firm specializing in DUIs, we've got the know-how to turn your case around in your favor. Instead of wasting time searching for information on your own, we can answer your questions on the spot, and if there's a question we don't know the answer to, we won't rest until we find the correct answer for you.

What is the Normal Sentencing for a DUI?

According to the law, there are several levels of DUI's in the state of Illinois, and the sentencing varies greatly from charge to charge. Depending on your judge and prosecutor, you may not ever even be charged, or you could be charged as harshly as the law allows. Making sure you have a good team on your side, protecting your interests, is the best way to guarantee that you and your case aren't used as an example for other drivers and that you are treated fairly. 

  • DUI First Offense: up to five years in jail, and up to a $2500 fine
  • DUI Second Offense: a minimum of 5 days in jail, or 240 hours of community service
  • DUI Third/Fourth Offense: class two felonies, 3-7 years in prison, and a fine of $25,000, as well as being charged with aggravated driving on top of your DUI
  • DUI Fifth offense: a class 1 felony, $25,000 in fees, and between 4-7 years in prison. 

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Regardless of this, many first time offenders only spend a single night behind bars and end up receiving sentencing tailored to their case. While some might receive jail time, many defendants are instead sent to addiction rehabs or AA meetings, required to take alcohol education courses, assigned community service, among other options. This is where having good legal advice from an experienced law firm comes in: an experienced attorney knows how to ensure their clients receive the best possible and least invasive sentencing possible. 

Grafton DUI Lawyer

How Much Does it Cost to Hire a DUI Lawyer? 

The cost of criminal lawyers depends on the severity of the criminal charge. If the case against you is flimsy and easily taken apart, your attorney may only end up charging you for a few hours and you may walk away scot-free. Cases like this normally start around $1,200, with everything included, and end up with a few hours of community service and maybe some driving classes. On the other end of the spectrum, however, your case could be lengthy and difficult and could cost you close to ten thousand dollars, or even more. 

No matter what, hiring a criminal defense attorney is worth the extra money, especially since a good defense plan will see you walking out of DUI court with no fines or fees to pay to the court, saving you money on the back end. The average cost of a DUI in Illinois sits at approximately $8,500, between lawyer fees and court fees to be paid.

This includes, normally, all of your filing fees for the court, as well as fees and payment towards getting your license un-restricted. Fees associated with your license can be numerous, from having to pay for the install and upkeep on a BAIID, to paying filing fees, etc.

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Whatever legal issue you are facing after a DUI arrest, having a McHenry County DUI lawyer to handle your legal matters and legal defense is an absolute must. You will need to make sure the lawyer you hire specializes in DUI and moving violation charges, as well as has the experience necessary to do everything possible to make sure your criminal offenses are wiped from your record. At DUI Lawyers 24/7, our law firm specializes in all manner of DUI charges, and each of our criminal attorneys has personal criminal defense experience in DUI and traffic court. 

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