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We've all been there, you're driving down the road and suddenly there are flashing lights behind you. Maybe you were speeding, or swerving, or you've got a light out. Whatever the reason, those red and blue flashing lights give even the most experienced drivers immediate anxiety.

While speeding charges might seem simple, one mistake or wrong move can see you facing reckless driving, DUI, or possession charges on top of your moving traffic violation. You may also face license suspension or loss of driving privileges, as well as increased insurance rates.

What are the Most Common Traffic Violations?

While some of them might surprise you, the top 10 moving traffic violations are:

  1. Speeding 
  2. Failure to stop at a red light 
  3. Failure to signal 
  4. Reckless driving 
  5. following too closely 
  6. Passing in a No-Passing Zone 
  7. Failure to wear a seat belt 
  8. Driving without insurance 
  9. DUI 
  10. Failure to stop for a school bus 

These traffic citations range from petty offenses, to extremely serious, as do the sentencing for them. For those with multiple types of simple tickets, you may be required to attend traffic school, while those with one or more DUI's or reckless driving charges may be facing heavy fines and/or time in jail.

Even simple traffic offenses stack up quickly and can have larger adverse effects depending on the amount of charges or offenses, regardless of the types of traffic tickets. With an experienced traffic ticket attorney on your side, your chances of avoiding steep fines and harsh punishment increase astronomically. 

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Should I Just Pay My Traffic Tickets and Move on?

When it comes to speeding tickets, many people just choose to pay their tickets in advance of their court date, even though hundreds of traffic tickets are falsified or incorrect each year in Lake County. What many people don't know is that paying your fine prior to your court date is also an admittance of guilt.

Lake County Traffic Lawyer

So while it may seem simple just to pay your fine and move on with your life, you will be subject to a mark on your driving record, as well as risk having your insurance rates increased because of the points on your license. If you accrue too many points on your license, you may even face a loss or suspension of your driving privilege. For many who do not understand the traffic court system, you may find yourself in over your head with a suspended license and other serious consequences before you realize how many points have built up on your record. 

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What to do if you Are Pulled Over for a Moving Violation, and Charged With a DUI 

You can be pulled over for a variety of traffic violations, including something as simple as having a head, tail, or brake light out. Whatever the reason for being pulled over, you are always at risk of being charged with something much worse.

If you are pulled over for speeding, and the officer sees open containers in your car or had any other reasonable suspicion that you are intoxicated, you can and will be charged with a DUI as well as most likely be charged with reckless driving also. Drunk driving charges are extremely serious, and punished harshly under traffic laws. From hefty fines to jail time, to increased auto insurance rates, the consequences of DUI's are extremely steep. 

However, it is more than possible to fight DUI or possession charges, especially if your rights as a driver have been violated. If you believe your rights were violated by police officers, remember as much as you can of the event and relay all information to your traffic defense attorney as soon as you can to help with your potential defense. Because marks on your criminal record can be damaging to your life, especially those that you were accused of without real cause, it is important to stand up for your innocence in the traffic courts, with a traffic court attorney at your side. 

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