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Can You Remove a DUI From Your Record in Illinois?

A vast majority of drivers that have a drunk driving conviction have the same questions lingering in their mind can you remove a DUI from your record in Illinois? Drivers linger upon the option of removal, erasure, or expungement of the conviction from the federal or state record since the effects of traffic violation result in severe consequences. A DUI conviction goes on your record for life in Illinois. However, there is a difference between an arrest record or a drunk driving arrest and facing DUI criminal charges that lead to a conviction.  Individuals that have a conviction on their back have a few options even though they may have to explore a lot of paperwork to find solutions.  

Having a DUI conviction on your back can result in your official driving record being affected for some time after the incident occurs. As a result of driving under the influence conviction, an individual criminal penalty can include jail time, license suspension, and hefty fines. There are also long-term consequences to your life in general and your career. As a result of a DUI getting hired as a commercial driver can prove to be difficult for most individuals. Also, your future employer and landlord can doubt your credibility.

For this reason, the question of whether you can remove intoxicated driving charges from your driving record is crucial. Knowing where to start is particularly a challenge for most and so if you are sure of how to go about it you can get help from an Illinois DUI defense attorney from DUI Lawyer 24/7 for advice.

How Long Does a DUI Stay on Your Record in Illinois?

When you get convicted of a DUI charge in Illinois it will stay on your record forever or for life. What this means is that as a convicted driver you will not have the chance to remove or expunge the conviction from your record. When you accept the charges you will have to deal with the fact that the conviction will remain on your record and it will not go away on its own either.

Being convicted of a DUI can unfortunately severely impact your future. For one insurance companies when they see your driving record even if it is from 10 years ago can refuse to cover you or they can put you on a high policy rate.

The penalties that you receive if you are accused of another DUI at any point in your life will be affected. This means that even if you were convicted of a DUI offense 13 years ago and a police officer pulls you over and arrests you for drinking and driving you will likely face high penalties no matter how long ago you received the initial conviction.

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Additionally, other than the impact on your driving record as a result of a DUI offense you are likely to face other penalties as well. When you commit the misdemeanor offense ( unless it is classified as a felony offense )you are likely to;

  • Pay a fine of up to $2500.
  • Serve a year's prison sentence.
  • face loss of driving privileges for a minimum period of time (1 year).

When you get a 2nd conviction within a period of five years after committing your first offense it will result in you serving 240 hours in community service, 5 days in prison, paying a fine, or other harsher penalties.

Can You Expunge a DUI?

A criminal record expungement is whereby the state removes an individual’s name from the public record and official record and destroys the physical copies of their criminal record in regard to a particular crime and in this regard leaves them with a clean driving record. In the state of Illinois, a conviction for a DUI cannot be expunged regardless of whether you were tried as a minor or as an adult and even though you only received probation as a consequence.

When you are being charged with the criminal offense of driving under the influence of alcohol and or drugs and you are trying to fight these charges individuals try to have their Illinois criminal record sealed or expunged. Even though the option for expungement of a DUI record is not available for those that have been convicted of a misdemeanor an individual can be eligible if their charges were dropped or after court proceedings they were found to be not guilty.

You will still have the drunk driving charges on your record if you were arrested as a result of the charge. However, as long as you did not get convicted or you received court supervision an Illinois attorney can help you to collect the right paperwork that will help you to be able to file for expungement after the waiting period is over.

man sitting at table with alcohol and car keys, Remove a DUI From Your Record

The only you can meet eligibility for expungement of a DUI-related traffic violation is if;

  • You were found to be not guilty
  • The case was dismissed.
  • The arrest occurred but you were never actually charged for the offense.
  • You applied for and were granted a pardon by the Illinois governor.

Keep in mind that it even after committing a first-time DUI criminal offense if the first-time offense went into your record you will not be eligible for expungement. Hence it is important to get in touch with your drunk driving lawyer who can help you determine if your drunk driving record is clear and if it is not you can be presented with other options.

If you are thinking of expunging your drunk driving offense in Kane County, Lake County, or McHenry County – in Illinois it is necessary for you to gather specific information for your lawyer and that includes the complete Illinois police record. However, if you are unable to find all of the information that you need a criminal attorney from a DUI lawyer 24/7 may be able to help you get started so you can avoid the negative consequences if you are an individual with expungement eligibility.

FAQ: Will I lose my license after a DUI?

You may need your original charge, your case number as well as any court records that you have, records that show that your case was dismissed and that you were found to be not guilty after a trial.

Can You Seal a DUI?

If you were not eligible for the expungement of your criminal record there is a possibility of you being eligible for sealing. Even so, not every person will be eligible for record sealing. You cannot be able to seal your criminal record if you convicted of a DUI offense.  

How a Lawyer Can Help Seal a DUI

Your lawyer will need to first review your case and tell you if you are eligible to seal a DUI. If you are eligible we can help you through the expungement process. Our criminal defense law firm will help you to file the request for expungement and ensure that you have all of the necessary expungement application forms in order so we can proceed with getting your misdemeanor conviction expunged or sealed. We can take you through the seamless process when you get in touch with our law office. 

If you need more information about the expungement and sealing of your DUI charges give DUI lawyers 24/7 a call and schedule a no-obligation free initial consultation. Call our criminal defense attorney today

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