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All You Need to Know About SR-22 Insurance in Illinois

SR-22 is not just an insurance policy, even though it is often referred to as "SR-22 insurance". It is also a form demanded by the state which must be completed and submitted by the insurer. SR-22 is required for those that engage in serious traffic infractions or those considered high-risk drivers.

Getting an SR-22 form is ordered by the court after certain traffic violations. This allows you to qualify for insurance so you can keep driving after a conviction for a serious traffic offense but drastically raises how much it will cost. If you are facing a DUI and looking to minimize the long-term cost it will have reach out to our firm to schedule a free consultation with a Lake County DUI attorney.

When Do You Have to Get SR-22 Coverage in Illinois?

Filing an SR-22 policies form is necessary if you want to obtain a Restricted Driving Permit (RDP).

A person can be arrested for driving under the influence if they are believed by law enforcement to have been operating or having actual physical control of a car while:

  • Impairment from alcohol or drugs;
  • If the blood alcohol level is 0.08 or higher; or
  • If a commercial driver has a blood alcohol content of .05 or higher
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How Much Does SR-22 Insurance Cost in Illinois?

Regrettably, getting an SR-22 usually causes auto insurance companies to increase their prices. It is not only the form itself that costs money; having an SR-22 on file often signals a high risk of being a bad driver, so it can be difficult to find any real bargains. An insurance agent will let you know. There will be some filing fee.

An Illinois-based driver with a DUI plus an SR-22 requirement will likely be charged between 50 to 80% more compared to one without either. For instance, State Farm provided our sample driver a yearly rate of $994 with the SR-22 factored in, which is 65% pricier than the estimate given absent the SR-22 form.

Although SR-22 insurance in Illinois only offers minimal coverage, it tends to cost around twice as much as regular insurance due to the fact that it is made to specifically cover the highest-risk drivers.

FAQs: What Should You Do After a DUI?

Generally, getting an SR-22 is necessary to get a driver's license reinstated after committing a serious traffic violation. SR-22s help the court or state in validating that an individual has met their requirements for driving privileges and it allows them to build a better driving record.

Despite the fact you may need to pay double for minimal protection, buying high-risk insurance with an SR-22 form is essential to get back in good standing with your state and its DMV.

When getting insurance with an Illinois SR22 policy, the premiums you pay are based on your driving history and other insurance factors. SR-22 certificates are usually more expensive than regular car insurance, but you can get a free quote from us to save money.

How to Get SR-22 Insurance in Illinois

Accepting SR-22 insurance in Illinois is like shopping for usual car insurance. Frequently, those who require an SR-22 have gotten their coverage canceled because they had their driving permit taken away or annulled. In case you have a prevailing policy, it might be possible to include an SR-22 from your present insurer. Contact your insured company to determine if they offer this choice.

Find an Insurance Provider Who Offers it

Whether you buy your policy online, over the phone, or from an agent in person, you can usually opt for an SR-22 filing. Due to not all insurers in Illinois offering SR-22 insurance, you may find yourself needing to get coverage from a company that specializes in this type of insurance.

Pay the SR-22 Fee

Generally, an insurer will request a flat fee ranging from $15 to $50 to submit the corresponding form on your behalf.

Have Your Proof of Insurance Filed

After you have bought your insurance policy, the SR-22 form will be delivered to the Illinois Secretary of State by your insurer — it cannot be sent directly by you. It may take up to 30 days, but when you finish filling out the form, your driver's permit and car registration will commence again.

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Make Sure the Illinois Department of Safety and Health Has Accepted Your SR-22 Form

In order to keep SR-22 insurance valid, you must renew it every three years. It's recommended that you re-up your policy no less than 45 days before the expiration date; if you've failed to renew within 15 days of its expiration date, your insurer has to notify the state of Illinois by law.

How Long Will You Have to Have SR-22 Insurance After a DUI?

Illinois' Driver Services Department makes it compulsory to have proof of financial responsibility of three years. Failure to comply will result in your driving privileges being revoked immediately.

What Other Penalties Does a DUI Conviction Have?

You can receive jail time for one to three years with fines up to $2,500. With bigger charges, it can be up to $25,000 with a driver's license suspension for 6 months to 1 year. To have a free case review from a DUI lawyer call 847-999-7616 to speak to a lawyer from DUI Lawyers 24/7.

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