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DUI charges can be difficult to face on your own, and without a proper defense you can end up with severe penalties. The best thing you can do to defend yourself if you are charged with a DUI is to hire an experienced Gurnee DUI lawyer. At DUI Lawyers 24/7 we have the talent and dedication to get you the best possible result for your case. Contact us today at 847-999-7616 to schedule a free case consultation!

Illinois DUI

In Illinois, traffic tickets are more than just a mild inconvenience. They are expensive and can carry added penalties including jail time and license suspension. This is especially true of DUIs, so if you find yourself charged the best thing you can do is hire a criminal defense lawyer as quickly as possible. 

Getting a DUI ticket in Illinois, whether for alcohol or drug use, is a major offense. You will face consequences including license suspension or revocation, imprisonment, expensive fines, and court costs, mandatory treatment, and community service hours. Additionally, you can receive major damage to your reputation and employment standing.

With this in mind, you will want to find the best possible representation to build your DUI defense and help you minimize the damage you will face. Even if the case against you seems bulletproof we know that it is possible to reach an agreement that is acceptable to both parties. We will work tirelessly to build a solid defense for your case and help you to reach the best possible result for your unique circumstances. 

Be Prepared: What to do After a DUI in Illinois

Court Supervision

If your DUI is a first-time offense you may qualify for Court Supervision in Illinois. If you are given court supervision, the judge will require you to pay your fines and court fees, attend traffic school, and likely perform a set number of public service hours. Your supervision status will be revoked if you are charged with a subsequent offense during the period of time you are assigned to court supervision.

The major benefit of court supervision is that once you have successfully completed your time and met all the requirements set in place by the judge, you will not receive a conviction for your DUI, and your insurance rates will not increase due to your DUI charge. A court supervision sentence is only available at the discretion of the prosecutor and judge, so having an experienced Whether you receive supervision is up to the Judge and the Prosecutor, so hiring a seasoned defense attorney can give you the best chances at being offered this result. 

Gurnee DUI Lawyer

How Do We Build Your Defense?

At DUI Lawyers 24/7 we understand the severe impacts a DUI arrest can have on your personal and professional life. We also have the knowledge and experience in the legal field you will need to find the best option available to you in your case. We will work closely with you to ensure that the outcome of your case is as positive as possible. In order to do this we will leverage our years of experience managing DUI cases similar to yours in addition to our relationships with legal professionals throughout Lake County

A jury trial can be risky in DUI cases, so we will try to avoid one by negotiating a plea bargain that is beneficial to you, or by challenging the prosecutor's evidence against you. This is typically done through a motion to suppress illegally gathered evidence or a petition to rescind the mandatory license suspension you will have received. If we go to trial, we will build an aggressive defense to counter the government's case against you.

No matter how strong the case against you may seem, we will provide you with the best legal counsel and advice available, and will fight for your legal rights throughout your case. 

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Hire a Gurnee Criminal Defense Attorney

If you are facing a charge of driving under the influence in Illinois, you will want an experienced DUI lawyer fighting for you. With a DUI charge you will have to deal with the possibility of severe consequences including jail time, possibly thousands of dollars in fines and court costs, suspension of your driving privileges, and damage to your personal and professional reputation.

Our Lake County DUI lawyers offer a free consultation to evaluate your specific case. To get the best picture of your case and to give you the most accurate outlook we can, we will need to review the details surrounding your arrest. Documentation for this can include the ticket you were issued by your arresting officer, your past driving record, the police report and other documents for the time of arrest, etc.

During our initial consultation, we will be able to answer any questions you have about your case, give you our initial assessment of your situation, and lay out a possible strategy moving forward. 

Out talented attorneys will provide you with the best possible legal defense, fight to get you the best possible result for your case and help you maintain your driving privileges. Contact DUI Lawyers 24/7 today to schedule your free case consultation!

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