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DUI with No Insurance in Illinois

In Illinois, driving a motor vehicle under the influence (DUI) is a serious offense that can carry legal penalties. If you are convicted of a DUI with no insurance in Illinois, the consequences can be even more severe than if you were insured at the time of your arrest.

If you are charged with a DUI while driving an uninsured vehicle when the incident occurred, there can be stiff penalties, so it is important to contact an attorney immediately. DUI Lawyers 24/7 offers free consultations to individuals who have been charged with a DUI and were not covered by an auto insurance policy. An experienced DUI lawyer from our firm will provide you with the best representation possible and help you navigate the complex legal process of defending your rights in court. 

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An Overview of DUI in Illinois

Illinois takes driving under the influence (DUI) very seriously and has strict laws regarding it. According to 625 ILCS 5/11-501, DUI in Illinois is defined as driving or being in actual physical control of any vehicle while the blood alcohol content is 0.08 or more; under the influence of alcohol; under the influence of any intoxicating compound; or under the influence of any other drug or combination of drugs to the degree that renders the person incapable of safely driving.

The statute also outlines several aggravating factors that can enhance punishments for those convicted such as:

  • Having a passenger who is age 16 or younger in the car when an act leading to a DUI occurs
  • violating other criminal statutes while intoxicated
  • driving even though you are an unlicensed driver or have received a revocation of driving privileges
  • Currently are in a license suspension period
  • fleeing from police officers
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In addition to possible criminal charges resulting from driving under the influence in Illinois, many offenders are required to attend alcohol classes and complete many hours of community service. Individuals may also be required to install either an ignition interlock device, license plate recognition device, or surveillance camera system in their personal vehicles to detect and record further impaired driving behavior. Finally, if you have repeat drunk driving violations or have a bad driving record you may have your motor vehicle registration revoked and receive a suspension of driving privileges in the state of Illinois for a period of time.

Penalties for Driving Under the Influence While Uninsured in Illinois

In Illinois, it is mandatory for all vehicles to have liability insurance which includes basic car insurance coverage. When you drive while under the influence and without insurance, you will face more serious consequences than just driving without a liability insurance policy. In Illinois, a charge of aggravated DUI is a Class 4 felony that can result in jail time for up to three years.

Additionally, you may be subject to impoundment of your vehicle at your time of arrest, as well as hefty fines of up to $25,000. Whether these penalties are imposed or not will depend on the facts of your case. For example, if there has been a bodily injury, bodily harm, or death as a result of the accident, you may suffer more severe consequences.

Furthermore, it is possible that you, as an uninsured motor vehicle driver convicted of aggravated DUI, may have your driver’s license revoked permanently. You may also face higher liability car insurance rates due to this occurrence on your driving record. 

What is an SR-22 in Illinois?

Financial Responsibility Insurance (SR-22) is a tool used to monitor drivers' insurance with a history of driving problems and subsequent violations. To comply with legal requirements, it is necessary to maintain SR-22 insurance for a period of three years, and it is advisable to renew the policy at least 45 days before it expires. When a person in Illinois fails to renew their automobile insurance policy 15 days before its expiration date, the insurer is legally required to notify the state of Illinois. 

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In Illinois, individuals have alternative options to SR-22 insurance such as depositing $70,000 in cash or securities with the State Treasurer, filing a surety bond, or filing a court-approved real estate bond. Individuals who reside outside of Illinois can apply for a waiver of their financial responsibility proof by submitting an Out of State Affidavit Financial Responsibility Insurance Waiver.

Offenses That Can Lead to an SR-22 in Illinois

To get your license back after being convicted of a serious driving offense, you will need SR-22 insurance coverage. Illinois requires an SR-22 certificate for individuals with previous violations, such as:

  • safety responsibility suspensions
  • unsatisfied judgment suspensions
  • revocation of driving privileges
  • mandatory insurance supervision
  • those with three or more subsequent offenses for mandatory insurance violations
  • Driving under the influence
  • operating a vehicle without insurance coverage (petty offense)
  • having a license suspension due to non-payment of child support
  • having many tollway fare evasions

Furthermore, you will need to pay a $100 license reinstatement fee and submit proof of insurance before the license suspension can be lifted.

Cost of SR-22 Insurance in Illinois

Auto insurance companies typically apply higher charges for customers who need an SR-22. The costly insurance is not solely attributed to the filing of the form. An SR-22 requirement is often associated with high-risk drivers, making it difficult to find affordable options. Drivers in Illinois with a recent DUI and an SR-22 requirement typically face a 50% to 80% increase in insurance premiums compared to those without a DUI or SR-22. 

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Charged with DUI While Uninsured in Illinois? Call DUI Lawyers 24/7

If you’ve been charged with a DUI without having valid insurance in the state of Illinois, it is important to contact an experienced defense lawyer immediately. A DUI charge while driving a vehicle without proof of insurance is considered especially serious and can have severe consequences. 

When facing criminal charges such as DUI, your best chance for success lies in having a knowledgeable and experienced lawyer on your side. We acknowledge the possibility of stress resulting from this situation and are dedicated to reducing or removing any fines. Call us today for a free consultation to discuss more details with an attorney.

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